Done good, played strong, didn't win

What a great experience! The Sports Analytics Conference World Series in Melbourne on Friday was a huge success. We saw some brilliant presentations, met very switch-on and promising contacts and gave the finals of the KPMG Game Changes Startup Pitch Competition a crack.

We made the list of finalists, which was originally listed at six, but the organisers said that the quality was such that they were forced to increase it to nine.

They weren't kidding!

We gave it a good shake, but the deserved winners were and their wheelchair fitness app and wearable. With a slide snafu to deal with, they were grace under pressure on stage. 

It was a great experience and we got a lot of really good feedback.

We vowed to up our game and come back stronger next time!

Here's a short clip from our presentation... 

KPMG Game Changers

So The Siren is off to the Sports Analytics and Tech Conference this week, with the agenda:


Thurs: Startup Day - matchmaking startups and investors (fingers crossed!)

Friday: Conference proper - incl. KPMG Games Changers Startup Pitch Competition

So I'll be pitching The Siren to investors and sports orgs to scale this thing any way we can! Lots of practice and refining the pitch deck.

Keep an eye on the socials!